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Diabetes mellitus: A quote from the Wikipedia.org article tells us it is "often simply referred to as diabetesā€”is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. This high blood sugar produces the classical symptoms of polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger)."

This site is aimed at folks who have diabetes, have been newly diagnosed, have pre-diabetes or even gestational diabetes. Our aim is not to replace the multitude of wonderful sites out there, just to start one with a bit of a different attitude a-la the fuck cancer campaign, and to give people with diabetes a place to be pissed off and shout FUCK DIABETES!

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First noongah wiv da original diabetes for 40,000 years Edwin!

Submitted by diabetesisdadardyest on Thu, 03/02/2017 - 06:02

First of all u sugary noongahs I'd like ta welcum yas ta mah fukn cuntry

In da original tongue of mah nan nan

"Wuuuuungaaaahhhhhnahhhhh!!! Coonawarrahjindiibirrahwahhhhhh ahhh dii bumm bum bumm bum feeling hot hot hot

Now back to da original diabetes over 40,000 years old also over 9,000 us blak. Nuts had this for ages n u all whiteys whinging I'm laughing I'm fukin flyyyinnnn mate fukn flyyyyin fukn Neville

Fuck Diabetes.

Submitted by Pahoynaas on Sun, 02/12/2017 - 05:57

I don't have much to say...website pretty much says it for me. I'm gonna go eat 5 million sugary-ass popsicles because I don't fucking care. Fuck this shit, I want sugar.

Have a great night everyone! I love this site!!!


Johnson & Johnson, ViaCyte testing possible diabetes cure

Submitted by ragnarok on Sun, 02/07/2016 - 14:54

From here: http://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/johnson-and-johnson-viacyte-tesā€¦
Click the link to read the entire article.

Johnson & Johnson, continuing its long quest for a Type 1 diabetes cure, is joining forces with biotech company ViaCyte to speed development of the first stem cell treatment that could fix the life-threatening hormonal disorder.

Me vs. Diabetes

Submitted by AlwaysHI on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 03:58

Well where to start...IĀ“m 20 now and have had type 1 diabetes for over 7 years.
And at first it didnĀ“t seem to bother me much,until just recently I realized how long IĀ“ve already had it.
And it sure has fucked me over in all so many ways!
I guess my biggest issue isnĀ“t the eating and what not but more the constant testing that i just cant get my head around.Second the mood swings.

Bad Day

Submitted by lucy905121 on Mon, 10/28/2013 - 05:54

I'm just so tired of diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 2 about 5 or 6 years ago, I've honestly lost track at this point. I was in my early 20s. I remember the asshole nutritionist they sent me to saying "You are so young, you will be back in here in a month telling me its Type 1 and that you've been put on insulin."

Well, I'm terrified of needles, so that was enough initiative for me to drop 50 pounds, get in amazing shape, and go on an incredibly strict diet.

Sick and Tired of Diabetes

Submitted by angelfish17 on Tue, 09/03/2013 - 04:21

Just writing this because I am feeling sorry for myself because I have type 2 diabetes. I often think, why me!? Why do I have to have this horrible disease? Because of this insipid, inconvenient, despicable flaw in my body, I'm not supposed to eat good food, cake, ice-cream, candy bars, chocolate chips, cookies, pies, and the most wonderful desserts are all are off limits to me. I guess fast food is not recommended either. I LOVE fast food! I heal slow and risk losing fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyesight.

random number generator

Submitted by foosnark on Sat, 07/28/2012 - 13:33

I hate this disease so much.

Normally if I have a Chobani Greek yogurt (140 cal, 20g carbs) and an OatFit Cinnamon Roll oatmeal (100 cal, 18g carbs), my blood sugar 2 hours after will be anywhere from 20 points *lower* than fasting to 20 points above.

This morning, that same yogurt and a cottage cheese (90 cal, 7g carbs) shot my numbers from 120 fasting to 178 two hours later.